Are these problems that you face?

You want to extend your product teams, but there isn’t enough local talent to hire.

You’re facing a roadblock, but there isn’t anyone on your team with the necessary skills to fix it.

You’ve been working with agencies on specific projects, but they feel separate from your internal team, and you don’t have direct contact with them.

You’re only allowed a specific headcount for your team, but your current team doesn’t have the capacity to meet deadlines with your existing number.

If so, you're not alone.

Mobelux has worked as a dedicated project team for many organizations, but what we don’t often talk about is how we augment Product Teams for many organizations as well.

Staff augmentation can take on various forms. At Mobelux, we offer staff augmentation to our clients as an extension of their internal team. Our highly collaborative project teams seamlessly plug and play, quickly spinning up to handle day to day tasks, bridge the gap until a full-time hire joins, or to develop new features while an internal team focuses on the core product.

As a whole, staff augmentation can be an excellent way to:

Pursue new ideas without distracting from your core offering

Scale your team cost-effectively

Increase your output without increasing your headcount

Solve problems your team is roadblocked by

While avoiding:

The additional overhead costs of hiring internal employees

A significant investment in organizational infrastructure

Being bound by your physical location.

Spending time and money on recruitment and onboarding

While there are benefits to augmenting your internal team, just like any relationship, you won’t be successful without collective effort and collaboration.

We employ these tactics to make sure that our clients have as smooth an experience as possible.

Open Communication: Honest and concise communication is at the center of every healthy relationship. We proactively communicate challenges and opportunities to our clients to keep them engaged and informed.

Flexibility: Development projects can run into roadblocks, in our pursuit to over-deliver, we view these challenges as opportunities and pivot towards the best solution.

Project Management Technology: Software like Trello, Basecamp, 10000FT, and Jira help keep our team on track and allow the client to review or assign tasks depending on their preferred level of engagement.

Role Definition: In support of effective communication, each member of our project team has clarified roles that we’ve defined with our clients. Our teams are adaptively assembled to complement the skill set of your existing teams.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can effortlessly plug and play into your internal design and development teams, feel free to send us an email below.

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