When you’re in the Top 10 of the Fortune 500, not only are you the top of your industry, but you’re also constantly innovating in all areas of your business. Especially in fields as fast-changing as healthcare and retail, you cannot remain idle.

Healthcare as we know it is changing at a dizzying rate. We’ve seen that health care organizations that take advantage of new technology and ideas deliver better outcomes for their patients, but it’s not easy to keep innovating when you constantly have to monitor your bottom line.

Medical professionals rely on providers like McKesson for resources and support so they can remain focused on the patient.

When Savon Sampson, McKesson’s Senior Marketing Manager, found Mobelux, McKesson had just acquired a competitor called PSS in a massive acquisition. Gulf South, their extended care division, had a similar product portfolio and a robust client-list to match McKesson’s own private label business, which Savon was leading.

We were excited about what McKesson was doing for the health care industry and the opportunity to work with a Fortune 500 leader working at such a large scale, and Savon was impressed at our talents, background, and the fact that we were both based in Richmond.

Mobelux allowed us to combine our portfolios and really bring them to the forefront and bring all the features and benefits of each and every product and allow them to be able to talk about those products with their customers right within their fingertips.

Savon Sampson


McKesson wanted an app to solve an issue, we provided a full-service team to get them there.

The new sales app is fully equipped to grow along with McKesson, adding new products and product lines without requiring them to turn to an outside team every time they need an update - saving them time and money. One of the things that we’ll carry with us is the fact that we were able to build a new partnership with a huge corporation located in our backyard. We did that by focusing on the technical complexities to solve their issue and allowing them to continue to focus on their core business.

The McKesson app allows their sales teams to maximize their efficiency and ensure consistency in communications.

I had no idea all of the different components that would be involved in developing an app. Without Mobelux it would not have gone off without a hitch. I'm indebted to the Mobelux team for really making sure that they took my vision and made it a reality.


Forming a game-changing relationship with a groundbreaking company.

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