There are few institutions more iconic to Richmond than Ellwood Thompson’s, and the opportunity to partner with such a renowned institution elicited actual cheers of excitement from our team.

We were already huge fans of Ellwood’s at Mobelux (the hot bar is a go-to lunch spot), but beyond loving them for their amazing food and products, we were really excited to partner with another local, independent Richmond business, especially one with as much integrity and staying power as Ellwood’s.

Ellwood’s came to Mobelux ready to completely revamp their entire website. They needed a new look, new capabilities, and a unified voice throughout.

We worked to ensure the new site was as inviting as the iconic store.

We love storytelling and want our community to be able to engage with it in a seamless way. Mobelux proposed a template that weaved our stories through most of the pages on the website in a non-intrusive way. It is like a trail of breadcrumbs that keeps going as long as the user is interested.

Colin Beirne

Ellwood Thompson's

First, our developers crafted a fully-customized CMS platform so the Ellwood’s website could be just as unique as they are. The new platform addressed Ellwood’s specific needs, solved lingering problems from the old site, and set them up for future growth. Now, they can continuously add new content & events without having to rely on someone else - maintaining their reputation for being on top of all the latest food, health, and wellness news. Their new site aligns the web presence to key elements from their brand design and this summer a brand-new Catering e-commerce site will be launching, allowing users to place orders directly with that department.

Color and texture makes their content templates come alive.

Our designers then created bold, hand-drawn graphics tailored to the Ellwood’s brand and aesthetic. They bring a fresh new look to the site that also reinforces the central identity of Ellwood’s: warm, inviting, trustworthy, and rooted in community. Our production team worked closely with their team to fill the site with photography and writing that was cohesive, clear, and uniquely Ellwood’s.

The hand-drawn product illustration ensures the human element is reflected in the design.

You won’t come across many places like Ellwood Thompson’s. They’re deeply committed to bettering not only the Richmond community, but our entire planet, and they consistently prove that commitment through action. Their dedication to their values is real and inspiring. We’re proud to call them a partner, and we are glad to hear Colin thinks the feeling is mutual.

Our photography carried through the natural tones, human elements and bold colors defined by the designs.

I would recommend Mobelux to anyone with website issues because of the level of talent, research upfront, care, attention to detail, problem solving capabilities and pleasant interaction that we received working with them. They are a creative bunch that truly love what they do and take pride in their work. They are smart and hungry.


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