Since 2008, we've been shipping top-notch software, whether it was an iPhone app for Tumblr, an award-winning iPad experience for UNIQLO or a custom ecommerce platform for iHome.

We take on a wide-variety of projects because we're wildly diverse in capability. We consider every tab, view and icon with equal weight and we never outsource. Mobelux brings creative thought to every problem and takes pride in every product we ship, whether it's one of ours or one of yours. Interested in working with us? Get in touch.

The Founders

Garrett and Jeff have been building software together since 2001. They founded Mobelux in 2008 with the goal of creating quality software and building a place to enable smart people to make great things.

Garrett Ross

Co-founder & CEO

Jeff Rock

Co-founder & President

The Team

We make software at Mobelux, but together, we make much more than that. We're musicians, photographers, illustrators and painters. Engineers, designers, testers and producers. And while the things that we're interested in vary widely, the common thread between us is that we simply love to make things. That, we've found, makes us an especially unique group of people to build software with, and one that can build just about anything you can think up.

Jason Emerick

Technology Architect

Jeremy Greenwood

Mobile Development Lead

Johnny Hugel

Production Lead

Rob Green

Creative Director

Sarah O'Leary

Operations Lead

Justin Michalicek

Web Development

Chris Lewis

Design Lead

Matt Clough

Web Development

Michelle Hamson


Daniel Farrell

Web Development Lead

Andy Bowers

Mobile Development

Ethan Hickerson


Dan Sibitzky

Web Development

Danny Sellergren

Web Development

Adam Lake

Product Operations

Sarah Merryman

Office Manager

Beverly Anderson


Liz Swain

Web Development

Katie Adcock


Joe Acanfora

Mobile Development

David Martin

Mobile Development

Christian Bryant

Web Development

Dan Waters

Mobile Development

Aubrey Northam

Web Development

Ellen Nicholas

Office Assistant

Will Blanton


Jim Beckmann

Business Development

Kathleen Hannold

Project Manager


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